People Involved

The aim of Toby's Gift is to raise awareness of organ donation and funds for the CF trust, we aim to do this by hosting lots of events such as the ones you have read about on this website. But are next target is to throw these people listed below out a plane with the help of the Red Devils! So please read Sally's version of who is jumping out below...

Graham Hart

"Most important of all Toby’s dad! I think he is mad and there is no way I am doing it. I guarantee he will throw up never mind throw people out!"

Cole Moores

"Toby’s friend who has Cystic Fibrosis. He meant a lot to Toby and he means a lot to us, not enough however to stop us chucking him out!"

Lee Crowe

"Another of Toby’s friends, that will teach him!"

Andy Burnham MP

"Not only is he the MP for Leigh, he is the shadow minister for health, he knows about organ donation, he knows about the CF trust and he knows about Tobysgift and what we are trying to do. Over the years politicians of all varieties have driven me to distraction so I have to confess (and nothing personal Andy) it is with great relish that we chuck him out!"

Chris from @iliveigive

"Chris was the transplant co-ordinator who supported us through that longest night with Toby, our last night and helped us make sure that Toby could give the gift of life to others. I am not sure I really want to throw him out but hey he offered so out he goes!"

James From Leigh Reporter

"The reporter from our local paper who has single handedly restored our faith in journalists! Through the paper he has publicised Toby’s story and helped us to say publicly what a fantastic son Toby is. But when push comes to shove he is a journalist after all so he will get a big push out that door!"

Ed Owen

"The chief executive of the CF trust – in for a penny in for a pound – well lots of them we hope all for the CF trust – he is supporting Tobysgift in supporting the charity"

Peter Wyhinny

"Formally Brand Director SEAT UK, now Brand Director SEAT Italy – Graham works for SEAT UK. They have given us all so much support since Toby died, they have epitomised what a good employer should do and yes, we thank them by pushing Peter out too! SEAT UK also sponsor the Red Devils and have helped to make this jump possible."

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