Welcome to #tobysgift! Here is where you find all about Toby, Graham, Sally & Stephen Hart and there quest to help others live their life's to the full, just as Toby did!


7 a side football tournament to be held at Lowton C of E High School on Sunday 30th June 2013. The tournament will be held in conjunction with the annual summer fair at the school, so lots to see and do on the day for all the family! The tournament will be 7 a side and playing in 4 leagues, then into a play off and then the final to determine the winner!

30th June 2013 10.00 - 16.30

A link will be posted soon in order for you to register your team or contact Graham via email at graham.hart@tobysgift.co.uk


On Good Friday Marcus & Danny jumped out of a plane at 11000 feet at the Black Knights Parachute Centre, just outside Lancaster. They both did really well and survived the jump, and raised just over £1000 doing it! Marcus said he enjoyed the experience but would not do it again as he felt like he would throw up! Danny said that he would be keen to have another go at a later point in life. The boys did the jump around 1pm and were the first two out the plane! Marcus was connected to Ralph the parachute man, who thinks its a good idea to jump out a plane at -40 degrees with only a pair of shorts on! But all in all the jump went well and the lads came back to the ground with a smile on there face!